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Forged fittings and flanges start here...

One of our products just off the assembly line. Ready to be shipped.

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... but that's not all...

... we manufacture a wide range of products and we are proud perfectionists!

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Different materials

We use several different types of steel and are aware of your unique requirements.

Welcome to our site...

... we have finally taken the leap and made ourselves visible online.  If you have any suggestions or questions about our content, we urge you to feedback to us so we can update our site to display the most relevant information to you. We hope you enjoy your visit.

We strive for excellence

We strive to deliver perfectly engineered fittings and flanges in record time, while not breaking the bank. A true reflection of our workmanship is in our history and client-base. As long as our clients support us, we will have the reason get up in the morning and do what we do best- Manufacture quality fittings and flanges!

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